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Author Topic: Mech Warrior | Faction Warfare  (Read 4234 times)

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Mech Warrior | Faction Warfare
« on: January 30, 2016, 01:46:55 PM »

Ladies & Gentlemen , The 88th Armored Division is now on Mech Warrior and we have begun Faction Warfare which most of you may have already figured out is the equivalent
of Clan Wars .


Faction Warfare -
The layout of CW ( Community Warfare ) in Mech Warrior is an interesting one . It does not require everyone to be online at all times , or cost a fortune to remain competitive , in fact you can join in without spending a cent . The premise is that there are 10 alliances , 5 on each side which each clan becomes a part of by signing a contract with that faction from 7 day up to 28 at a time , for which you are rewarded by said faction for services rendered ( participating in CW ) with the rewards increasing for duration of contract and level of success , these rewards include in-game credits , gold  & garage slots . Their are no prime time slots which have to be covered a dinner time for most of us , and you can participate for a mucher longer period per day if you want to , or you can play pub matches the choice is yours. :'(
 Because of how flexible the Faction Warfare format is it allows for any clan member of the faction to fight together to attack and defend worlds , which allows mixed clan teams to work together which goes a long way to integrating into a larger community , there are minimal politics and no incentives for allies to attack each other to further their own agenda , which has stomped out all of the unnecessary BS that has taken place in other games  . The game play itself is similar strategically to previous games the clan has played competitively , however the individual tactics differ somewhat due to the abilities of the Mechs themselves .

Also their is no limit on clan members , we can have 5 or 5000 members which allows us much greater recruiting power .
And that brings me to the best bit , we can have up to a full pub team as a group ( platoon ) to play pub matches to practice as a group :) :-[

As some of you may have noticed a bunch of the guys have already come across and we have begun participating in Faction Warfare and are enjoying it immensely so feel free to pop in a have a go , if you have any questions the guys in the Mech Warrior channels in teamspeak should be able to answer them , or feel free to send me a PM .
I look forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield :)

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Re: Mech Warrior | Faction Warfare
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2016, 01:00:13 AM »
just to second what smoke is saying the CW side of it you can do solo or as a group of up to 12 there it will put you in a game with other people in the same faction (alliance) that are trying to achieve the same goal either defend or attack.

it is also alot easier to get what is classed as a tier mech because all mechs have a place in the game.
i have started an area in this forum for people to put there load-outs for there mechs so it can be discussed across alot of people that have time to think about it rather than people saying comments at the time of play that get forgotten.

and just so people don't think Ive been playing for a long time just saying this shit ive been playing for a week now and have 4 good mechs 2 were paying normal price and 2 were on sale so got them cheap because you can have the same base model mech but have different load-outs in them,
which means you can be a specialist in any type either being a light , medium , heavy or assault mech.
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